The Child-Martyr’s Father: Jawad Al-Sheikh

Jen Marlowe

Ali Al-Sheikh was a 14 year old boy who was killed on August 30 2011–the first day of the Eid celebration–by a tear gas projectile shot by riot police directly at his head at close range. (Some of you might remember the blog post I wrote about him, Ali’s Unused Camera.)

I had the chance to meet Ali’s warm and gregarious father, Jawad Al-Sheikh, when he welcomed me into his family’s home, and took me to the site where Ali was killed, and to Ali’s grave.

Jawad was arrested on October 26 on charges of “illegal gathering” and remains detained.

Following, is a video of Jawad, as he took me through the site where Ali was killed and where he is buried, and explained to me what happened on that day, and the harrassment that the Al-Sheikh family continues to experience to this day.

With hopes for the unconditional release of Jawad Al-Sheikh, so he can return to his family who has already known too much loss and pain–and with hopes for the freedom of all of Bahrain’s political prisoners.

Child Martyr

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